Windows Live Messenger 2011 Error 80040154

Last Friday (1-10-2010) was the release of Windows Live Essentials 2011. Live Essentials 2011 is a software package that consists of Messenger, Photo Gallery, Movie Maker, Mail, Writer, Family Safe, Windows Live Mesh, Messenger Companion, Bing toolbar, Outlook Connector and Silverlight.

For me, I’m just picked to install Windows Live Messenger 2011. After finished the installation, when the program run first time, it show me an error:

The program can’t start because wldlog.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix problem.

I just clicked “OK” to close the message box and try to run Windows Live Messenger. The Messenger program can start without any problem but cannot sign in to the network. Every time it shows up an error dialog with error code 80040154, the solution for this error is to reregister msxml3.dll or reinstall msxml3. This does not solve the problem at all.

After few tries, I found that the solution to make Windows Live Messenger 2011 work is copy wldcore.dll and wldlog.dll from C:\Program Files\Windows Live\Shared to C:\Program Files\Windows Live\Contacts.

I had tried clean install on Windows 7 in another PC without any problem (this windows never installed any Live Messenger before). I think the error occurred because I never uninstall the previous version of Live Messenger and direct installed a new one.

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Hello world!

“Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!”

This is a first post after migrated from Live Spaces. Microsoft decided to end Live Space soon as state in Live account and Live Space Help Center:

We listened and want you to have the best possible blogging experience, so Windows Live Spaces is partnering with It’s quick to set up, easy to use, and full of exciting personalization and management options.

If you have an existing blog on Spaces, it’s easy to move your blog to, but you can also download your blog or delete it. Or you can do nothing, and your entire space will be automatically deleted on March 16, 2011.

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Another thing to let you read…

This one… what should i say? comment yourself….Smile
For me, I think this not bad…Haha
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很久没在这里涂鸦了,不知几时在 看到的一个片段,觉得有意思,表达方法很有创意。今天放上更大家分享: 





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以上的故事是在一个论坛看到的,题为 "「加法」思考"。 这故事只是帖的一部分

我对这故事比较有兴趣,它比较象数学题。 看完这故事后第一时间会想到为什么加多一只骆驼然后就可以把这题解决了?而且好像没有用到那只多出来的骆驼。为什么原先不能解决? 真是奇怪。。。

看了几秒。。。原来1/2 + 1/3 + 1/9 根本不是等于1, 这题还蛮作弄人的。如果那老人真的有十八只骆驼,那真的麻烦了。。。因为会多了一只不懂要给谁。。。哈哈

读science 的是这样想的,别介意。。哈哈

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Few days ago, I had update my Linux OS because long time not login to that OS. After updated, i tried to install a software called Compiz. This software bring a lot of visual effects to the Linux desktop. After installed, the visual effects is amazing!!! You can look it at my photo album there. The disadvantage of the compiz is it take me longer time to load the desktop while login. Memory usage still consider ok… it still use less memory than Windows XP.
Compiz is one of the first compositing window managers for the X Window System that is able to take advantage of OpenGL-acceleration. The integration allows it to perform compositing effects in window management. A "window manager" allows the manipulation of the multiple applications and dialog windows that are presented on the screen. A "composite manager" allows windows and other graphics to be combined together to create composite images. Compiz currently only works in combination with Xgl.

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